Turtle and tortoise collection

Hi, Friends.

Welcome to see my new turtles and tortoises collection. They are cute animals ;)

Photo credits: Julia161.

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Hi, Maen.
The one from the picture is mine. I think it's a male. And Moscow Zoo terrarium doctor sais the same. Because it has long nails, long tail and the rest of male equipment ;) I have another one, also a male. To tell you the truth I only saw male turtles, we have a lot of them in Moscow. They are probably all here, and for this reason they became expensive in other parts of the world ;)) I wish I found a female for them somewhere, because I'm very curious to see turtles eggs.
In winter they sit under the water, too. And not eat - very practical ;)


Oh yes they are cute! Long time ago I had ones in the garden & some marine ones in a big aquarium! It's funny how they disappear the whole winter & in summer they are many! The one in your photo is a female! The male ones are rare & expensive! Thanks for sharing :)


fab shots!


great shot :)


Great, I love turtles :)
Uhm, a gentle note - turtle - lives in water (so "Small tortoises" should be "Small turtles"); tortoise - lives outside water :)

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