Tuscany, an undiscovered medieval city

© Nniud
My hometown is a small city close to Florence, overshadowed by the capital of Renaissance but full nevertheless of little, outstanding architectures, sculptures and works of art that date back to the Middle Age.

Here is the town's history from Wikipedia:

© Gmv

Photo credits: Gian Marco Valente, Nniud.

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if you need info about what to do, where to go and where to eat, just let me know. Cheers


Great timing . . I will be in Tuscany in less than two months :)


Thanks a lot!


nice history and pics! Thanks!!


the landscape in this picture could be better, the best nature scenarios lie on the mountains behind the city, you can have great hikes on the Apennines nearby. One nice place where you can start is Abetone, one hour away from Pistoia


I'm saving my earnings from DT for a trip to Pistoria. The landscape seems out of place next to those awesome captures of the architect.

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