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Ever capture a great image that you just knew was useful only to have it not sell?, Well I captured this great image while on vacation down in Virginia, USA and I knew it was a sure fire seller but noticed after a year it didn't have any sales!, so I tried re-tweeting it and presto!, bam! It had its first sale a few days after I re-tweeted it and it's currently on its way up my most popular list.

Photo credits: Calvin L. Leake.

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Hey Desvelo, no worries I'm just happy that someone's looking through my portfolio, thank you!!!


Hello- just wanted to let you know that the photos you have of the Chevelle station wagon (which are great) are of a 1971, not a 1969. Sorry about contacting you this way, I looked for any other way to send you a message and couldn't find anything.


Your very welcome and good luck!!


I am gonna give it a try and follow you example to see if it would work for me. Thank you!

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