Twitter whats all the buzz, how to use it effectivelly.

Well so everybody is using Twitter these days, people who are not using I suggest jump into it. Do it fast else you might lose your username to some body else.

Lately one of my friend said he sold several twitter names of big companies, nice way to make money.......

Well this blog is for those who use twitter and outlook. If you use Microsoft Outlook there is cute little free plugin which can be very useful to read all your twitter micro blog posts right in your inbox, and even post updates to twitter from Outlook without login to twitter website.

Download TwInbox Install this piece of plugin and its good to go.

You can create automatic folder of each followers, with this plugin. Another website which updates your twitter account automatically is TwitterFeed Just configure to use the RSS feeds and it converts the RSS feeds into Twitter feeds.

Some other cool twitter related sites.

Tweet Me

Tweet Urls

Well you can follow one of my website Classified Dubai In this site I use TwInbox, TwitterFeed and we have developed our own plugin to display any ads posted and approved in my site to display that particular ad with link in Twitter. DT can use such features to display all approved images through twitter

All in all its cool thing.

Twitter bird

Twitter Bird

Cartoon Bird Twitter

Photo credits: Ralf Kraft, Arrow, Qiun.
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:) I like ***.com. A nice little plugin for web browsers, which makes posting much easier.


Yeah Tracy life is a big learning process. Just thought might be useful to DT community


Thanks for your sharing. Wow, a lot of things need to learn.