Two months of successes

Hello everybody!

I would like to share with all of you my full satisfaction for contributing to this amazing photography community!

I started up two months ago... on the far 05/09/2014…. and now I’ve got more than 600 approved pictures online !

With a very satisfying Acceptance ratio of more than 70% !

All selected, post-produced, key-worded, uploaded and approved one by one in so few time.. all by myself, with some help from my boyfriend for informatics matters ;)

I’ve not worked for other sites like this before, so I had to make all the work from scratch, picture by picture, word by word, nothing to just “copy paste” !

It was very hard but also very funny and satisfactory to me!

I photograph since long time, but never shared my pictures farther than with my friends… So I had a lot of pictures on my computer to post-product and try to offer to this market, and also I’ve shot many more pictures during past weeks expressly for Dreamstime audience and its new assignments.

I’d like to share with you my small successes gained here:

My first picture accepted on 05/13/2014:

African Children

to the last one:

Thai street food

My first picture sold:

Gemsboks drinking

to the last one:

bare chested man

Than I was very excited to get a special acknowledgment: “THE EDITORS' CHOICE” for this image

Royal python

And for this video

Waves on the cliffs

I was very excited too to be allowed to take part to two assignment with 4 pictures of mine:

“Young at heart” with

Woman Parasailing

and “Last call” assignment with

Stressed Woman

Running time

Woman at work

All rewarded with LEVEL 5 !

I was very glad to make some articles too and see them visited and shared by other peopled too:



I’d like to thank all the Dreamstime staff for their acknowledgments, all approvals and for all their refusals too.

I sounds strange but sometimes the refusals are more important than an easy approval, because they made us improve in my work and learn something more about photography

Thanks to all of readers, to come to this my article and share with me my happiness

Have a nice shot !

Royal python

Photo credits: Bennymarty.
  • Bennymarty

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August 08, 2014

Wonderful photos your success is a motivator for me to keep trying.....


August 08, 2014

... and today a new image approved for this fantastic contest !!!
 Underwater selfie 


August 07, 2014

Nice pics and congratulations


August 05, 2014

Thank BCritchley !!! It 's wonderful to receive compliments from you !!


August 05, 2014

Keep up the good work, as you add more, your portfolio matures, I'm sure you will do very well here :)


August 05, 2014

Thank you all for the compliments .. I'm glad you like my work!
And I never thought that my portfolio was cool ..;)


August 05, 2014

Your photos are very beautiful!


August 01, 2014

Indeed, very impressive! I hope all this hard work brings you many, many sales:)


August 01, 2014

Lots of really cool pics you've taken. Keep it up and at this rate you'll be a DT superstar!


July 31, 2014

Thank you all! I hope to continue like this .. I am inspired by the best .. I wonder if one day I become too .. ;-)


July 31, 2014

You have done such great work. Congratulations on all your success!


July 31, 2014

Congratulations !!!


July 30, 2014

Well done, congrats!


July 26, 2014

....and today a new success: new "Editor's Choice" in 2 months !!!
 Competition concept 


July 16, 2014

awesome! looks like you found your calling here, on to more photos and good sales!


July 16, 2014

thanks to all!
I hope to continue ...


July 16, 2014

Good portfolio, congrats !!!


July 15, 2014

Well done, Benny! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!


July 15, 2014



July 15, 2014

Whow, congratulation :)