Two more approved

I tried a different and theme this time...

So my count is 3 uploads, 19 refused, and 1 sale...

I am still being upbeat and trying different things to see what DT is looking for.

I am feeling rather warm and fuzzy so maybe I'll do something cute...

Photo credits: Karen Carter.

Your article must be written in English



I see that you got another one approved great job!!!




Congrats, keep them coming :0)


Hi and congrats on your sale. I read your bio and see you are an artist, try photographing or scanning some of your work and make sure you add in the discription that you are the original artist. Lots of luck.


Also i just looked at your profile and you just joined this month and you already have a sale!! do consider your approval ratio like jova said dont worry im dealing with a similar problem lol take care


1 sale for three uploads is pretty good i have like 5 approved and 1 sale lol we need to keep trying and learning what works give me an update on how ur doing if u can.




Nice to hear that two of yours are approved. But you should to slow down and consider way these 19 was declined, or your approval ratio will be to low after first 50 images.

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