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I have recently created two new collections on Dreamstime, and I would like suggestions for additional images.

The first collection is of Educational Tools. The images in this collection are ones that can be directly used as teaching aids. These are not simply pictures of things that could be taught about, but these images convey specific teachable information. The images generally show that information by showing a single concept several different ways, by using labels, or are part of a group of images that together teach a concept. Examples of the types of images already included are: medical diagrams, chemistry illustrations, musical theory, and introductions to languages.

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The second collection is of Stuffed Animals Interacting with the World. These images all show stuffed animals using human tools, playing with objects, or acting in a way that a human might. Examples of images already included are: bandaged teddy bears, stuffed lambs playing with boxes, teddy bears using technology, and stuffed animals exercising. So far, I have found a lot of images of teddy bears. These are great, but I would also like to include more of other types of stuffed animals.

If you have suggestions for either collection, please post them below.

Photo credits: Guniita, Tomasz Borucki.

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April 13, 2012


Celia, I have added your image to the stuffed animals collection.

April 13, 2012


I have this tiger with a glass of milk:
 Tiger toy drinking milk 

April 12, 2012


Brad, I just saw your comment (I've not been on the site much in the last couple of months). Do you have any math images that show what the formula is and means? Students often memorize formula with no connection to what it means in reality. Students are simply told that a triangle's area can be found by multiplying the size of the base times the height and dividing by two. They aren't shown how it really is simply half of a rectangle (though perhaps it's been moved around a bit). If we could show these (and more complex) formulae graphically, we could have some very powerful teaching aides. Thanks.

February 04, 2012


Couple for the first one: 23037876, 23037872, 23037873, 21269633. Fun collection :)

February 04, 2012


Nice collections , I like the first one , I hope someday to have educational illustrations :)

February 03, 2012


Love the Teddy Bear idea....

I'll see what I can come upo with this weekend!

February 03, 2012


Nice collections. I wish I had some images for you to add, but sadly I don't. I hope lots of others do though, and that they do well for you and everyone who contributes. Good luck!

February 03, 2012


Very creative !

February 03, 2012


Nice collection, congrats!

February 03, 2012



February 02, 2012


Great collections.

February 02, 2012



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