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With eyes at or close to the same distance from camera to achieve equal focus on subjects. This gives each person equal importance to the image. Works well for families.

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Allow one to be in focus and the others to be out of focus. Combined with the composition of your photo, using diagonals or rule of thirds, etc, you allow the one to become the primary focus while the others fade into the background.

So, there are my thoughts. Most of these images are not mine, but I thought they were great examples. I would love to hear more tips on using DoF in portraits! Feel free to post them with examples below. You have to delete the r or l after img for them to show up in comments. Fun Photography on Facebook

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Cjh Photography Llc, Godfer, Vgstudio, Yuri_arcurs.

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December 08, 2012


Good tips, thanks for this.

October 08, 2012


Good tip, thank you!

October 08, 2012


One more trick is to get the top view while they are standing or sitting; mostly works for kids group. Use extreme shallow DOF, keep eyes or faces in focus and everything including the background out of focus. May be a f/2.8 with 20mm or 24mm. Even a 35mm with f/2.8 works good if you are at a good height than the group. This will draw attention to their expressions or eyes...

October 06, 2012


I also would love for somebody to tell me how to position the images and text better!

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