Two weeks already

My experience of contributor has only two weeks’ time.

In this short period, I submitted 41 accepted pictures, 14 rejected, 9 pending by today and no sale yet. I learned from the rejection of what DT wanted as pictures and what DT don't want as picture in their database.

The given reasons are objectives and justified for all my rejected pictures until today.

I browsed the database and had seen that there is not a lot of picture list on DT regarding "clingendael" Japanese Garden. So, I went there to capture some.

I submitted one which is very close to this one. But how much was my surprise to see my picture rejected, not for a technical reason but for the reason that it wasn't what DT are looking for and only this reason. I can see only two differences; one is the point of view; mine is a little bit lower and the other one is spring instead of autumn. Again, I don't mind because, I still have two with this theme pending for "R" review or rejection ;)

What is the lesson learned after this event? I don't mind to have picture rejected and DT must have their reason to do so that I don't know. But it is not pleasant to see the same picture accepted and not your. Somebody told me that it is a reality world ;)

So far so good, My ratio is 53,8%. My target is 80%. Are you a lot have this ratio ? Do you think that it is manageable ?

Photo credits: Jan Kranendonk.

Your article must be written in English



Great going, keep up the good work.


Great job,beautiful images!!!


Thanks for your warms encouragements. This morning, I took my bicycle (as a dutch ;) does) and return to the garden located 2Km only from my area. The weather was nice, sunny, bright and warm. I learned from my rejected picture by being more picky in composition. I resubmit a new one. The pending ID of the picture is 19426682. Wait and see again if this new one will be rejected with the same reason or not. I hope that I will not be.


I would not be surprised if part of the reviewers job is to sometimes check the picture they are reviewing against what is currently in the database. Images have to either exceed on paper what is currently there, not just be the same as what's there. You are building a good portfolio, keep it up and as you are doing carry on not taking rejections to heart.


It´s hard to deal with the rejections ... for all of us...but just keep up the good work - Your portfolio is really great!


Be patient and the sales will come! Good luck!


Congratulation ^_^




congrats and nice pic


In fact, I am quite stubbed in general. As the garden is still open to the public and it is about 2KM from my house, I scheduled to return there to capture the same picture than this one, here attached to my post.
You are right. From time to time, It is really frustrating when the reason is not technical one. Wait and see I may say.


It is very frustrating to get a rejection and after that search the data base and find many pictures with the same subject worse than yours and accepted.
1. It is a subjective process. I tried sometimes resubmitting an image if I feel strongly about its quality and many times there are accepted by another reviewer. Many times they are rejected a second time :)
One of the accepted became a level 3 so it's hard to tell.
2. The admins say and it is true, they are more picky lately than in the past.

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