Ugliest photo at DT

Who has the ugliest, most disgusting photo on DT?

My ugliest one is

© Jdanne

Really I don't like it and I even didn't expect that it would be accepted.

But DT is always good for a surprise...

On the left lower part you can see the spit of my son - he also felt disgusted.

Photo credits: Jdanne.

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Level 5 by July haha


I now regret not photographing the manure holding tank at a dairy farm and submitting it for the agriculture assignment. :p


HAHAHA! That`s more than cool! :P


This is an interesting photo. I wonder if there is anything left out there that DT's photographers haven't photographed yet :-)))


From a hobby gardner point of view, this photo has its charme. There might be the intention to collect those horse "droppings" with a bucket and shovel and to use them as fertilizer in the own garden. That might perhaps a composition for the next photo of this kind.

By the way, I am the twin-brother of Jdanne and like is experimental spirit.


i think what you have is a stock-oriented image. there is certainly no lack of composition in this shot. i am sure you will get lots of sales.
congrats :)


Hmm, looks like coffee... Hey, guys, do you drink coffee? I will make one wright now!


really is nasty .. quite curious to see where it would be used :)


At least its fresh lol...


That's an original concept. Hope for you it sells... then again you probably do not wish it to become your bestseller or it will be forever in your face on your portfolio page!! :-)


Lol ... I agree that


That looks like s#!t LOL
Well next time try the bunny thing at least it has more decorative shapes (M&Ms) :))


Are you sure that is horse poo? looks more like dog poo to me.... if only it was scrach and sniff LOL . Might sell better as dog poo folk are always complaining about dog mess and now they can illustrate it ;-)


It's just brown hay!! :))


Oh, S... :))) BTW that photo has a lot of sales potential, as there aren't many in the database :)


Who is to say what is ugly/art and what is not?

Beauty is in the eye of the

One of my art proffesors said NEVER let anyone TELL YOU what art is~ always decide for yourself!



Wow, it's yours? I mean the picture =))) I recently came across it with key-word "winter" or "horse" or so, don't remember exactly. It definetely stands out of crowd =)))


!!!! Please: Take this blog as well as that ugly photo with humor!!!!

From time to time we all need a laugh. There's really no intention to make anyone feel unhappy! Especially not the people who helped me to become a better photographer (many thanks to all of them for their teaching and patience!).

So, please don't go downstairs into the cellar for laughing...


That's super gross!


Funny blog, you never know what buyer is looking for, we designer get different kinds of request, so its fair to have some choice, may be there is a buyer out there looking for horse shit on snow.
good luck with the shit,,,,,, hey kidding, good luck with your image, hope it gets some download.


I try to submit only high quality stock, not submit photos and see the minimum quality I can get accepted. What makes a DT portfolio successful is not purely quantity, but more importantly, quality. I don't think repulsive photos like this will increase traffic to you portfolio. Don't be offended because I'm just telling the facts. :)


baah, very disgusting ;)


haha! I saw this picture a week ago and began using it as a guage for whether I should upload a picture or not. I ask myself if my picture is "better or worse than horse shit on snow". I commend you for your sense of humor in submitting this photo. Based on my recent rejections I'd say you have a better eye than me. haha

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