Unaccepted assignment!!

Hello All :)

This illustration of mine wasn't accepted for the latest assignment, but accepted as a regular submission.

© Ebamo

It would be really fun and may be educational if you can share your assignment photos or illustrations that were rejected but accepted as regular submissions.

Please share :)

Photo credits: Ebaa Momani.

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I was spurred on by the rejection to be better. I believe that is the spirit of the assignment. I'm not sad.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tan :)


i am not a participant in assignments here on DT. i think the rewards are wonderful, but personally i don't partake to them.
i also think your work is lovely. it's nice to be accepted in assignments to get the fast track to sales, but don't feel bad if it isn't accepted.
the end result is still the downloads. not being accepted as an assignment does not mean not having success in downloads.
just make images for stock usage that DT clients need, and keep going .


thank you!


congrats..mine even not accepted as the regular submission..


Congrats Ebamo! It is a great illustration. Well done.


Thank you Ebamo!

Actually this image was part of a collage, that was also rejected for the assignment. They said they don't encourage the submission of collages for the assignments, so that's another thing to be added in the "Do not" list :)

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Luckily all four images were accepted separately as regular submissions.


I like it Grisho. Actually to me it is better than some accepted images. Wish you luck in the two accepted assignment photos, I gave you my level 5 vote :) and so I did to George's...


This was my second image that was rejected for the "New beginnings" assignment.

   First step to success   


Thanks for sharing :)
Strange! I like all the photos here.
May be as Rosdac explained...they are looking for images that are worthy of level five! I can't always tell though.

I liked your photos Elaine they are close to the heart. I know a Place like that in Ajloun/ Jordan.

I didn't know photos can be rejected for "too simplistic" wow!
The good thing is that we learn and try to improve.


Georges, you should be over it by now :P Just cross your fingers & hope to win the current assignment!
That's certainly a useful blog Ebamo... Here are 2 of mine that were rejected for the Hidden Local Treasures for being too simplistic.
 Saint John Church of Amioun, Lebanon 
 Phoenician Tomb, Lebanon 


Very nice, good luck with your sales!

This one was rejected for the gardening assignment because the background was a bit messy and some body parts cut. Those comments seemed fair enough to me. I cleaned the messy background and I understand that it wouldn't be accepted as a Level 5 picture. Nevertheless it's doing well as regular and has now reached Level 2 which I'm really pleased with.
 Senior woman and child gardening 


I'm a fan of your water collection George! I wonder if it is the water matter that made your creative water car rejected? Since water symbolizes other issues that can be distracting. But why the cow was rejected? Hard to think of a reason!


It's weird that nobody has put a "useful" on this blog yet!


It's helpful in a way that we can know better what we should not submit for assignments, what editors consider "not related to the topic" :)

I love the car image George :)


I have this one from the Transportation assignment:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
and this one from the Agriculture assignment:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
No idea how helpful is my post because both were rejected for being unrelated to the topic:S


Hello George! Yes ...Why not! :) It would be even more useful and it would tell more about the nature of the photos needed for the assignment section. But mention what was the assignment about in your comment. Thank you :)


Can we share ones from previous assignments or just the latest? Nice photos & illustrations everyone!


Wow! Beautiful photographs Mangroove and Grisho
The rejection for both photos was ,I guess, because they are not directly related to the concept? Because there is no other reason. They are perfect, I love them.
Mine was rejected because it has some simplistic elements by the way.


This is one of the 2 rejected images i submitted for the assignment. The other one is pending review.

   Past midnight clock   

I think a thread like this one is useful so we can have a basic idea of what we should not submit for assignments.


Here is mine :
   New product inauguration surprise   


I love it! it brings a smile :) thanks for sharing Thanatonautii


Great drawings Ebamo and Maen ... Here is mine that I got refused for this assignment

   First day of life   



Thank you all! I also like yours Maen.


I like it Ebamo and Maen yours is good also.Mine were rejected.I have not resubmitted them yet


I agree with Many..... Good luck!!!


Beautiful colors & nice image Ebamo! Pity that it wasn't accepted for the assignment, but I'm sure it will have good sales later! Keep up the good work! ;)
Here is mine that wasn't accepted & was accepted for normal RF 17760067.

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