Underwater photography

Underwater photography has it's own challenges just because it's a fluid world and things are always moving, including light.

But the biggest secret to good underwater photos is custom white balancing.

The ocean looks blue from the surface because the deeper you go the more colors fade away. Red is gone in as little as ten feet. By the time you get down to twenty feet , blue is about all that's left. But if you white balance every five feet, you can take pictures at fifty feet

and have the colors return. A lot of divers use a white slate to balance off of but I prefer to use the sand bottom.


Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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January 11, 2008


Thanks for the great, I could use it when I do some underwater shot... But as an amateur I think the only water I would get is my Acura Integra Water Pump shot... LOL...

August 31, 2007


I have never tried taking a picture underwater, but underwater pictures are so pretty=)

August 31, 2007


[imgl]2454984[/imgl] I shot this picture in the Red Sea near Sharm el Sheik with a 35mm camera one use only! isn't it nice?

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