UndisCovered Cover Photo: Chef's Tough Life

I think this photo should be a cover photo candidate of a catering or cooking magazine. It has so many qualities that makes a cover photo.

It's eye catching, it's funny and smart, it has great colors, lovely lighting. It is clear and simple, but not too much. It has selective focus. It tells a story. It has copy space for text. It is with portrait orientation. It missed some keywords, but now they are added.

I just can imagine it on some magazine's front page.

How it comes that it has over 6000 views, but not a single download?

Photo credits: Grafphotogpaher.

Your article must be written in English

December 13, 2007


Good point, I had something similar in mind. Magazines or brochures about cooking techniques or something. I liked your "usually cooked food is more appetizing" remark... :) good one! :D

December 13, 2007


Makes me want to skip the bird next holiday dinner! ;-P

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