UndisCovered Cover Photo: Chef's Tough Life

I think this photo should be a cover photo candidate of a catering or cooking magazine. It has so many qualities that makes a cover photo.

It's eye catching, it's funny and smart, it has great colors, lovely lighting. It is clear and simple, but not too much. It has selective focus. It tells a story. It has copy space for text. It is with portrait orientation. It missed some keywords, but now they are added.

I just can imagine it on some magazine's front page.

How it comes that it has over 6000 views, but not a single download?

Photo credits: Grafphotogpaher.

Your article must be written in English



Eti, I am grateful you gave that explanation! To pay attention to work ethics (if this is a right word in English) didn't came to my mind. I just thought it's a great ACTION shot - you can see how chef is struggling to get dinner ready, great expression on his face. And I like the angle of camera very much. That didn't came to my mind to pay attention on other details you brought up. Great lesson for me - to be precise in small details, what seem to be unimportant, but are important enough to influence aesthetic appeal of a photo. Thank you very much!


EVEN though you don't need an explaination... I must. I think the image is excellent for all the right photographic reasons but my first impression of the person wiping their hands on their head while preparing a bird, is .... well it just isn't appealing. For me it is an image for what not to do when cooking. I work at a school that has a culinary department if that helps with where my perspective comes from.


Good point, I had something similar in mind. Magazines or brochures about cooking techniques or something. I liked your "usually cooked food is more appetizing" remark... :) good one! :D


The image is a good one for "how to" but generally cover shots on cooking magazines show the finished product. That way the art director and food stylist can set seasonal moods by using the garnish on the platter, the table cloth or other items to add color. Usually cooked food is more appetizing in an image than uncooked. The clue for food photography is it should make you hungry. Unless it is showing you how to do something. This fellow looks like he is about to stuff the bird. Good shot for 'how to' though, for certain.


Huh? Why? ... ok, don't explain...


Makes me want to skip the bird next holiday dinner! ;-P

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