Undiscovered traditions

The majority of us know about famous traditions or holidays like Saint Patrick's Day , 4th July or Halloween; but not many know about some incredible local traditions from certain countries or regions.

I want to tell you about a local tradition from Romania, north Moldavia area; a very picturesque region where old traditions and places are combine with the modern world.

Every Year on 30th of December in Comanesti ( a small mountain town, around 25k people) is held The Bear Dancing Festival or Parade.

© Nicku

Some sort of parade where local people are disguised mostly in bears using real bear skins and the drummers who accompany them.

© Nicku

© Nicku
The locals say that doing this next year will be a much better year than the last one. The ''bears'' are divided in groups each group representing a certain near by locality or a town district. the groups somehow compete with each other who is dancing the best.

© Nicku
Is incredible to see a 7-8 years old boy (sometimes younger) dressed in a 10-12 kg bear skin dancing and having fun.....

© Nicku

Many simple people from certain areas are enjoying the life and keep their old tradition alive with much more joy than the majority of the ''modern'' world.....

Photo credits: Nicku, Scurtu Alex.

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Great photos! Thanks for sharing this!


Wow! Amazing photos and tradition!


This is an awesome. I love bears but dancing as well is too good !


Its great to know about other celebrations, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing, looks like a great celebration.


btw, I used to know three very nice people from Moldovia, we were good friends when we worked together.
In Canada, they also have a funny tradition called the Polar Bear Dip or something like that. In winter, they go out naked in shorts and swimsuits and maybe some nude, to dive into a hole in the ice. they're crazy if you ask me. but I think they're crazy and funny,

Hey, good shots. congrats.

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