Unexpected bestseller

Every time I upload a picture I have some expectations related to it. Some of them are considered by me as potential bestsellers (never worked out ;). Others I see as photos addressed to very narrow niche of buyers and I do not expect them to fly high to the 3rd or 4th level in a couple of months.

I uploaded the photo below – a monument of polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus – not expecting too much from it.

Imagine my surprise when it became my bestseller. OK, it's not so difficult in a portfolio where in order to be bestseller a photo has to be sold 3 times, but still… What surprised me even more was that all 3 sales occurred within 8 days and 2 of them even on the same day…

Do you also have such unexpected bestsellers?

Photo credits: Wiktor Wojtas.



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August 02, 2011


It's always a surprise when one of your more niche oriented images does well. I have one of the University of Paris that has done well for being a niche image. And to boot, it was initially rejected as being TOO niche! I appealed with an explanation and it was approved. Today it's a level 2. Yours is on its' way. Congratulations to you and best wishes for more!

August 02, 2011


That`s great! The picture is nice and I think we all happen to have that kind of surprises :)
Good luck!

August 02, 2011


Thank you all for your comments!

Rosedarc, you may be right, especially that there were 2 sales on one day...

August 02, 2011


Congratulations for your bestseller! It is a great and very useful photo!

August 01, 2011


It's a nice photo and there aren't too many photos of the same subject.

It could also be that the same buyer needed more licences of the same photo if he/she needs to use them on different media. This happens to me quite regularly and often explains the consecutive sales of the same image.

August 01, 2011


It happened to me and noticed to others as well that quite often, one of the unexpected turns into a best-seller, at least for a while. :)

Anyway, congrats! It's a nice image. :)

August 01, 2011


You asked if we had best sellers which surprised us. Mine was quite surprising to me

   Death and Taxes   

Sold well on other sites before I become exclusive here as well.

August 01, 2011


Copernicus was a famous astronom, they teach about him in schools across the world and if there is a few pictures of him on sale... well you have a besteller now. You got it.

August 01, 2011


Why is it a big surprise? :) I mean I looked at your portfolio and most of your pieces are about Copernicus. I'm sure the bestseller will change by time and there will be more surprises. It always happens. :) Many sales and love from Istanbul!

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