An Unexpected Model

Very unique photo opportunities can present themselves at some of the most unexpected times. I was at the CAP 089th Squadron (Civil Air Patrol) to photograph their move into a new facility at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. They were moving into a place that had a lot of stored equipment, desks, filing cabinets, and furniture all over that they would be moving.

One of the Senior Members had her very young daughter with her that night visiting. She was a bundle of ENERGY! She saw me photographing the cadets, and then it started ... "I want to be a model! Shoot me! Shoot me! Shoot me!" She would get on a table, in front of a room divider or anywhere she could find. This was one model you would not have to give a lot of instructions on how to pose. She had her own ideas! And, boy, the expressions she would come up with. Unfortunately, I didn't have my complete lighting system with me that night, so I shot with what we had available. Actually, with her, it probably would not have worked with a proper setup. She was all over the place! She'd say "This is my sad face." "This is my big smile." "I'm going to school now." "I'm scared now."

These are a few of the first ones approved, and I have eight more of her waiting approval. I had an absolute BLAST photographing her. She is only six years old, and I plan to stay in touch with her for more “playing model” sessions as she grows up. Hope you enjoy these really cute images of a little girl full of life! Working on my 2009 New Year's resolution!

Photo credits: , Carolyn L. Marshall.

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June 02, 2010


To all of you who have commented, thanks so much for your kind words. Just saw this little girl not too long ago, and she is still full of that wonderful energy and zest for life. Wasn't able to get any pics this time, but enjoyed being around her.

June 02, 2010


Agree with you. Her expressions are really great and spontaneous.

August 25, 2009


Thanks Carolyne! Appreciate. Best of luck.


April 02, 2009


Wow... you must be very happy to work with such a great model! She is a great actress indeed! :)

April 01, 2009


So nice work! I like them very much.
This lovely girl, with her brilliant smiles, cute expressions, shows us a optimistic life.
We everyone should simle frequently just as this girl.

March 30, 2009


Oh these are just fabulous...she makes me smile! Wonderful job capturing her personality.

March 30, 2009


Very cute model!she is a very expressive!
This should be the best model!

January 16, 2009


very nice!

January 15, 2009


Love it when they get so excited. Makes me so excited that sometimes I mess up the shots! lol Great model!

January 14, 2009


Very cute and cheerful model!

January 14, 2009


The hard part was keeping up with her. She was like the "ever-ready rabbit". LOL! But so much fun.

January 14, 2009


Hey really she is cute and very talented, might up end being a super model. you never know.

January 14, 2009


Thank you. She was one HAPPY child! I did a slideshow of all of the shots I took (with music) and gave it to her mother to thank her. I got an email from her in the wee-hours of the morning saying "You made me cry!" That is what photography is all about to me.

January 14, 2009


Beautiful and very expressionate model! Nice work!

January 14, 2009


WOW! I can tell from the photos that she is very expressive! I love kids like that (I think I was one). :) I loved the story! Thank you!

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