Unexpected shot

We must have all had that moment when we kick ourselves for not having a camera with us, or not been quick enough to catch that memorable moment.

I remember being in the park with my husband who was casually feeding the squirrels, when one of the delightful creatures grabbed onto his finger and refused to let go. I was laughing so much at his frantic efforts to shift those wicked teeth that I failed to get the shot.

However now and again we get a gift. Mine came last week when I went early into the garden and came face to face with a Kestrel sitting on my garden wall. I ran into the house to grab my camera convinced that the bird would be gone by the time I got back, but it was still there and watched me curiously as I prepared my shot. I couldn't believe I had the macro lens on, so had to get quite close but still he sat there. Obviously my daughters' aviary of budgies was more enticing than I was scary!

(The cropping facility doesn't seem to be working properly)

Let's see some of your unexpected shots and tell us the story behind them.

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November 17, 2014


   Small finch   

This was him and if he could speak he would have said " UMm think you could put that damn camera down now and feed me? " he refused to sign a release

November 17, 2014


Yes that was the finch there are several pictures of his poses. I fed him all spring and summer and bought him a little birdhouse but i just never caught him in it when my camera was close by. My neighbor named him Phineas Finch and would text me now and then " Phineas was here he said MORE BIRDSEED PLEASE!"

November 17, 2014


Thank you Olamojor, Celia,and Neville, for your kind comments. I really would love to see some other shots from contributors.
Seashell is this the finch that visited? I hope you fed him!


November 17, 2014


Successful shot ... I liked the story :)

November 15, 2014


Nice, it looks like he was posing for you :)

November 14, 2014


Wonderful shot ! I have had many of those couldn't get to the camera fast enough moments, they are such a huge let down. Now and then the Photo gods give you a gift like this which i think makes the pictures that much more special. I have some of a finch that decided he would hang out with me one day for a solid 20 minutes. Made my day to take those pictures.

November 13, 2014


Lovely photo! Well done. We once missed out on an owl sitting on the handrail around the deck. It seems we need to tether our cameras permanently to ourselves.

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Photo credits: Heathse.