The Unique Assignment Shoot

I was talking since long on forums about the shoot I was excited about related to the current assignment. Finally I could do it before the last date. Well I am very busy with things here since its summer approaching, my sisters wedding is a month away and lot of other things happening in my life that are either keeping me busy or not allowing me to be busy. But getting through something unique to satisfy my own creative hunger as well as something that will be different as a submission in this assignment was a priority that surely got delayed to the last date of submission. But finally here is the result product.

After submitting, the initial feedbacks told me that many are not used to this concept of the image I have clicked. 'one man show' or one person doing multiple jobs. Might be, but there was something more challenging for me here. In this picture, I am the model, I am the photographer and I have used no assistants in the shoot except for a tripod and lights.. haha. Well considering that this is my first D-SLR and new lights that I just purhased it was a huge deal for me. I have had no photography training till date but have been working with my instincts and technical (over)confidence. But I could achieve what I had to.

How did I click this. First I settled with the aperture and shutter speed as not to overexpose or underexpose the image. 2nd, manual focussing so that I would be clear in the picture along with the instruments and mid. 3rd the most difficult one was about timer. Somehow I couldn't get a setting for 10 seconds timer for a single image. There was only 2 second, too less of a time to go in front of the camera and strike the right pose. So I had to go for a continuous shooting mode with 10-seconds timer. There was a catch on this again. The infra-red trigger for the light fires with each shoot. Now, to click 2 pictures I had to set the camera to a continous shooting mode of 10 images, in which two times the images were actually clicked since the lights take time to recharge. So 10 images were taken, 2 images that come with the right settings, 8 a wastage, still its a boon since the dawn of digital photography.

One more hurdle I faced for the first time and actually got to know about was the infrared remote, which was the least helpful in this situation. I tried clicking with it, but sometimes, the lights caught the trigger before the camera did causing a delay in the shutter and lighting. No use again. Finally I got what I wanted to. Now I don't need a photographer for my publicity stills or Music Album covers :) .

Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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Congrats - I was looking forward to seeing what you had planned. Hope they do well - you should add 'multi-tasking' as a keyword, too!

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