unique wedding style

Finding your own wedding style can be a hard task.

Try to find inspiration for around you instead of just focusing on the bride and groom. This bride lived just up the road from the tracks. I took notice of the tracks that minute I went over them to drive to her house. Immediately I knew that they would make a very interesting background instead from the usual water and trees.

This different background helped us show different emotions , such as being nervous but not in your typical zoomed in on her face emotion.

Well, thats all I have this morning... To sum it up, look for unusual / different places to take the bride for portraits, it may just give you a different but great image!


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May 25, 2010


look for unusual / different places to take the portraits . . . .agree on that.

September 21, 2007


Yes, He did :) I have another image where the bride is getting pulled back by her mother. Its very cute and playful!

September 21, 2007


Did the groom show up?

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Photo credits: Crystal Kirk.