"Unofficial" Featured Collection #1 - Photographers with Cameras

Welcome to the first installment of Unofficial Featured Collections of Dreamstime. I plan on periodically selecting and writing about Dreamstime collections that I feel are of high quality and noteworthy. Some of the criteria I plan on using are: theme cohesiveness, image quality, diversity of contributors, & collection maintenance. If you want to suggest a collection to feature, please leave suggestions at the designated thread, and include a few sentences telling why you think the collection is especially good. Note that the selection process is completely unofficial and does not represent any endorsement by Dreamstime.

To kick off our first Unofficial Featured Collection, I have selected a collection that may represent many of us. In it you will find numerous photographs and illustrations of photographers experiencing the world around them through a viewfinder. The collection, Photographers with Cameras, is maintained by Melonstone and contains almost 200 images created by over 160 Dreamstime contributors. Melonstone started this collection back in 2009 and has continued to add to it and maintain its theme since then.

Several of the images from the collection are shown below, but I encourage you to visit the collection, and see if you find reflections of yourself in any of the images.

Photo credits: Corelzavr, Johannes Gerhardus Swanepoel, Kirsty Pargeter, Konstantin Sutyagin, Mike2focus.

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January 17, 2013


Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Be on the lookout for the next "Unofficial" Featured Collection very soon!

January 11, 2013


Hey, thanks for using my Photographers with Cameras collection as your first Featured Collection! I think your plan to regularly feature a different collection is a great idea & is something DT should keep an eye on for future development into a valued resource for buyers.

January 09, 2013


Thanks for putting this collection together. And thanks for putting one of my photos in it! Kind regards, Mike

January 08, 2013


Interesting collection! Liked it

January 07, 2013


Wow, great idea, good luck, and share what you find....

January 07, 2013


Great collection!

January 07, 2013


Great idea and a wonderful collection...congratulations!

January 07, 2013


Very good idea! And even better: WE photographers are topic number 1!!

my suggestions:




January 07, 2013


What a great idea! And you chose an excellent first example - congrats @melonstone on your wonderful collection! K-

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