Unofficial Featured Collection #2 - Orange and Green - Dreamstime

This is the second installment of "Unofficial Featured Collections of Dreamstime". I am periodically selecting and writing about Dreamstime collections that I personally feel are of high quality and noteworthy. Some of the criteria I use are: theme cohesiveness, image quality, diversity of contributors, & collection maintenance. If you want to suggest a collection to feature, please leave suggestions at the designated thread, and include a few sentences telling why you think the collection is especially good. Note that the selection process is completely unofficial and does not represent any endorsement by Dreamstime.

The new Unofficial Featured Collection is one of the largest, and yet one of the best maintained and curated collections I have seen on Dreamstime. The collection, "Orange and Green", is maintained by Glinn and currently has over 850 images from over 650 contributors. The collection was started in 2005 and continues to have new images added. I asked Glinn a few questions about the collection, and here are the responses:

What caused you to decide to create this collection?

I started the collection to highlight my own orange and green images… 195692, 77562, 77767. I keep it going for two reasons; one is that there is something very pleasant about all those images that are just green and orange. It feels like life. And the more I find, the better it gets.

How do you find new images for your collection?

I find images by doing a search for ‘green and orange’ then filter by latest upload. A few photographers have written and suggested I include their images, not many. I add images at regular intervals, but also let months/years lapse between collecting. When I am searching regularly I probably spend thirty minutes adding images to the three of my collections every week or so. With every image- I am the arbiter, wanting to stay true to the spirit of the collection, yet free to push the limits of the describing attributes. That’s fun. It’s also nice have a place to display the best on Dreamstime.

The colors orange and green do seem to be popular -- together and individually. In fact, last year's Pantone Color of the Year was Tangerine Tango (a specific shade of orange), and this year's is Emerald. Please enjoy looking through Glinn's "Orange and Green" collection to see the two years working together. To read about the first Unofficial Featured Collection, please visit my blog about "Photographers with Cameras".

© China
© Pmakin
© Glinn

Photo credits: Glenn Jenkinson, Coleopter, Glinn, Lanischlink, Pmakin, Liz Van Steenburgh.

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February 06, 2013


Just for fun, since Valentines is next week, I thought I'd post some heart images that are in this collection.

 Heart shape   Green hearts 
 Hearts card   Orange 

February 04, 2013


Rozenn, thanks for your comment. I agree that this is a very eye catching collection. It has probably grown a lot since you first found it. If you have found other collections that you think are especially good, please suggest them for a future "Unofficial Featured Collection". (Please make suggestions in the designated thread so that the focus here stays on the Orange and Green collection.)

February 03, 2013


This was actually the first collection to catch my eye when I started at Dreamstime, I just found it amazing and so fresh. It's nice to see how it has evolved, changing but remaining true to the scope of the collection.

February 02, 2013


Thanks for your comment. I think Glinn has done a good job selecting beautiful photos (and illustrations) for this collection.

February 01, 2013


It is beautiful photos!

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