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I have passed just 06 months on DT and now 1st time I decided to participated in assignments, in fact it was the 1st time i could participate in assignment as the assignment was very easy and people were uploading almost anything..

I started to look through my personal data base for some photos taken from unusual angle fortunately i found two and lucky both approved for assignment.

I was very motivational for me, and now i decided to apply all my knowledge skills on photography and work exclusively for DT.

Soon I will be getting my 1st $100.0 payment :) Thanks all for your support and motivating.

These images were accepted in assignment:

My other sales are from following illustrations:

Photo credits: Muhammad Osaid Khan Mok.

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December 10, 2012


Good job, you are a double force with both photo and illustration

December 10, 2012


Congratulations to you !

December 10, 2012


Good luck... the images accepted are great.

December 09, 2012


Congratulations, you're doing great. Good luck with the assignment

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