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Unusual Patterns Found in Common Places

Left: A pile of shattered glass along railroad tracks (left), a brick wall on the side of a church, a tree trunk scorched by forest fire... You can find a surprising assortment of color, texture and abstract design in common places. Here are a few examples of patterns, textures and colors found as elements of nature and and in the details of man-made structures.

Right: A boardwalk keeps shoes dry while protecting delicate riparian habitat along a riverside hiking trail.

Left: Two examples of simple brick facades create an interesting pattern of lines and textures.

Right: Glass brick is a classic structural element that faded out of, then back into, favor with architects.

Left: A field of well placed pumpkins, gourds and squashes provide an interesting observation in color and contrast at a pumpkin festival.

Right: Along the Cascade Lakes Highway, a spring flows out of an embankment, encouraging a rich patch of moss growth.

Left: Western Juniper thrives and dies on the Central Oregon High Desert, leaving behind this weathered chunk of rugged wood.

Right: Forest fires regularly rampage the Deschutes National Forest, leaving trees scorched and fallen in their wake.

Left: In the calmer parts of an irrigation canal, a water strider leaves it transient mark as it navigates the shallows.

Photo credits: Dana Kenneth Johnson.

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