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Hi All,

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Check out updated website and let me know what you think.



Photo credits: Lithium366.
Steve Keller
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  • Westminster, United States
B.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute, Photography
Brooks Institute, California film/video

The photographic image is interpretated differently by each person, and that even changes through time, everyone brings their own life experiences to reading and interpreting the content of an image.

If you purchased any of my images, thank you for buying!


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December 10, 2009

Thank you for your input, yes I am still working on the homepage animations or flash, I am going to slow them down and maybe merge them across the screen in a more interesting way. Thanks again


December 10, 2009

Nice shots of Colorado. One of my favorite places in the world


December 10, 2009

it looks good however if you don't mind a bit of critism I'm not sure I'm keen that the menu keeps moving and one one page it goes under everything instead of remaining on the side. but a good start :) best of luck!


December 10, 2009

Looking very good.


December 10, 2009

Great images, but I think the home page it's too dynamic, Steve.


December 09, 2009

Looking good Steve.