Hey everyone, as my camera, the Sony Alpha 200 is getting kinda old I was thinking about getting a new one, but as I have many accessories for Sony and not so much money for a big investment I want some opinions on what I should buy.

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I was thinking about getting the new Sony Alpha 450 or the 550, but I don't know how much has Sony improved their cameras to match other makers.

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So, my question to you is. Stay on Sony or choose something else? If you recommend specific makers and models it would be great and if there are Sony users witch have Alpha 450 or higher I would really be grateful if you estate your opinion.

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Thank you!

Photo credits: Mihai Iova.
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  • Oradea, Romania

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August 05, 2010

I don't travel around much in today's "great economy" so this is the first time I heard of the Sony dealer from Cluj.
But if you search around the internet you might be able to get their contact information and maybe give them a call before heading over since shops these days tend to have only a limited amount of gear in stock..


August 03, 2010

I know of F64 and I have a part of my equipment from their store, but as far as I know they don't have a store only in Bucharest and I would like to play a little with a camera or with the lenses before buying them.

I heard Sony has a dealer in Cluj-Napoca. Do you know something about this Szebas?


August 03, 2010

Sony also has some high end lenses, look at the Carl Zeiss line if you can afford the luxuries.
And about the dealers, have you tried to order online from F64? they also have Sony cameras and lenses and it's the same place where the local Canon dealer here in Oradea gets their stuff from.


August 03, 2010

Well, you do have a point. I have the kit lenses, witch I can't say they are extraordinary, but they do their job for the price they have.

I recently saw some pictures taken with an older model of Canon, but with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM lens and I have to say that the quality is impressive for the price.

The thing is I don't know how much has Sony come with their lenses and the fact that there aren't any Sony dealers in the part of the country I live in is frustrating.

Also, thank you for your replies, they kinda opened a new door for me.


August 03, 2010

yah, either get a 50mm prime lens or buy a flash and use it with an umbrella to get more lighting options


August 02, 2010

I'm a Canon 40D user never touched a Sony, however I found that the lens is much more important than the camera body. The difference between my kit lens and my Canon 50mm f1.4 is uncomparable on every level. Particularly color saturation and sharpness. I drool over the L series lenses, I can't imagine how amazing those would be.

Have you had a similar experience with your Sony accessories? If so perhaps instead of making the investment in a new body or entirely new maker, buy some quality glass and treat yourself to a quality filter or two.