I'm looking to upgrade my digital SLR to a more professional model. I have looked at some cameras online and like (on paper) the Sony alpha A850, and some of the Nikon cameras. I would like suggestions as to what would be a good camera to possess for my future in professional photography. I don't want to spend too much for it, but I am willing to spend between the range of $1000 to $3500.

Any suggestions?

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July 10, 2012


You probably should decide if you want a full frame or cropped sensor. I was never happy with my cropped sensor--I had noise and other issues. I just moved up to the D800, and couldn't be happier. It is a lot of camera, but the D700 has been around awhile, so while it is also a great camera, the technology is a bit older. So you should probably research the differences and see what works for you, if you decide to go Nikon and not for a cropped sensor.

July 07, 2012


Nikon D700 or D800 full frame would be my choice. I am on my second D700 After 2 years I sold the first and bought another D700.

July 07, 2012


Thanks for the tip. It looks like the camera may be in my price range too!

July 06, 2012


yup- wait a couple months (should be in the next 2-3) for nikon to announce the D600 and D400 models. Even if they arent exactly what you are looking for, prices should drop pretty significantly on current bodies such as the D7000. If you must get a camera right now, the D700 is a good choice, sony seems a bit behind in the DSLR race... they make great sensors but the cameras are usually overpriced and not of the greatest quality.

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