Upgrade Dilemma

Recently, I was told by a hairdresser that he is about to upgrade to higher rank and the expense will be doubled, if I continue to take him as the first choice. Yeah, it is a rule in the barber shop that I often come up to, the more skillful the hairdresser is, the higer rank will be offered. I have to say he has been good for the past year. I surely hope someone dose better and get a higer income with him. But, do I need to top hairdresser to take care of my hair monthly, or just an ordinary hairdresser. I might to calculate on that for my limited budget. It is really a dilemma. or maybe I could choose a top one on a special day, and just a common one for the rest. All the demands depend on the needs, I just do in the way that I can afford.

The same thing happens her on the microstock, a level 5 picture is mush expensive than a level 1 picture, because the former one is excellent or eariler. Will the buyers prefer to get a level 5 with more money or just spend a couple of dimes on a just qualified one? It is really a dilemmma too. some top magazines or newspapers' editors will choose the best pictures from top photographers, without the consideration of the budge, at the same time more and more cheaper pictures available could reach the demand of common usage. So that is an option, the buyers must balance it. on the contrary, For distributors, Does they hope more level 5 picutres in his portfolio? someone say yes, someone say no, if your pictures offer a higher price, you might loose the oppertunity.

The main difference between the the rank of the hairdresser and picture level that I involved in, is the role you play. I have the right to choose both ranks as a customer, while I can not control my pictures' level because I am a contributor, what I need to do is upload, upload and upload.

Are you in the same position, or vice versa?

Photo credits: Maria Carme Balcells.

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December 12, 2010


Thanks a lot Gmargittai, Alexhor and Physi28, I had no ideas about ad. firms and their clients, and now you give me the answer. It seems the only job left is to make high quality pictures, so as to rank in the front in the search results, without focusing too much on its level and sales price.
Thanks again!

December 12, 2010


I don't think any professional designer can afford to buy pictures based on the price of the microstock. The difference between prices is not that big especially at low resolution, and once he found something that meets his needs it is a waste of time to look further. Considering the firm charges the client per design hour let's say $60, every minute wasted is one dollar. How long will it take to find a cheaper image that works?
Also higher level images have an implicit guarantee of quality.
As far as I understand the main goal of a design firm is to supply high quality product in shortest time rather than save pennies.

December 12, 2010


Interesting dilemma. I think constant uploading could suply enough low level images to make a ballance. Considering how level affect on sales, I found some images that are sold close to 1000 times, which means higher price didn't affect downloads. Who knows, I have few close to level 3. I will see if sales will stop (means, it is good enough for lev 1 and 2 money but maybe not quality enough for lev 3). Anyhow, it works for years on DT so I think it is balanced.

December 12, 2010


Yes, ours is to crack our heads to get inspired about what to shoot, where to go and how to improve it, not an easy task as times passes by and the portfolio increases while the ideas diminish..

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