Upgrade pains... And the importance of backups

For once, a blog post that has no real photographic content, just to underline once again how important regularily backing up your data is.

Beside being an amateur photographer, I'm also a keen simracer (I use the iracing.com simulator, essentially racing on ovals), and my computer had been "getting on a bit".

Helped by the fact that I decided not to buy the 50D for a few more months, I had some money to spend. It went into a new processor and a new graphics card.

In order to install the processor, I had to upgrade the BIOS of my motherboard. I'm a former computer programmer, so this is not a particularily hard task.

Well, it turns out my hard disks (configured to do RAID 1 mirroring) thought otherwise. After the upgrade there was NO WAY of getting to the data that was not stored in the C: partition.

After a few hours of hopeless attempts, I ended up undoing the RAID volume, resulting in all data being lost, and reinstalling the computer from scratch...

Gladly, I backup my data on a regular basis, and did an additional backup of the most important data just before doing the motherboard BIOS upgrade...

The result: no pictures lost, no emails lost, no documents lost. A few hours of tedious work, but I had a book about Monty Python to read while the installation CDs were spinning.

The lesson? Backups will not save you from computer problems, but they will lessen the frustration when the inevitable happens!

Don't leave it up to pure luck!!!

The good thing is that now my computer flies... :-)

Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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December 30, 2008


Hard disks are cheap nowadays... :)

I will have a tera NOW! :)

December 15, 2008


Thanks for sharing your experiences and its reminder me to do backup now.

December 15, 2008


Really, I have experianced it before, one I lost my complete data, noway I could get them, a hard learned lesson, now i do back ups at times im lazy.

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