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Now I have over 1300 photos online, but the benefits are very unsatisfactory. I really do not know why. But since there is no download, or a problem with my picture. Regardless, can not give up. I also want to continue to work hard, follow their own ideas shot while learning excellent companions good pictures.

Photo credits: Jianbinglee.

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November 30, 2013


hello, I have the same problem; 2000 images online and even 20 sales a month! obviously something is not working and I do not understand why my photos do not have visibility on dreamstime

November 27, 2013


Look at your top 10 photos - they sold good and you have heaps of good photos on your portfolio, so perhaps try to do more of those ones instead of many many photos of people at a marathon for example - I'm only a beginner and I also have many pictures which I like but may not really be so suitable for a stock site - we are all learning here but we want to see results - at the end I think our goal should be: Can this picture sell at least ten times? If it hasn't got that potential, we have to ask ourselves if it is worth the effort? - The other thing are the keywords - it is hard to find your/my pictures among the millions so we really have to invest time in this. So I hope for you (and for me) for many many sales to come. Good luck!

November 27, 2013


Thank you very much encouragement and support of friends and a very good suggestion. Especially LEE, thank you! I will not give up, to learn from you, everything will be okay.

I wish my friends all have good gains in DT, and enjoy the fun of photography! All the best!

November 26, 2013


Ni hao Jianbinglee,

Don't give up, don't let it get you down, just be patient. It takes a long time
for sales to develop so keep on shooting and continue to build your
online DT portfolio. Your photography is excellent, your images are
interesting, well composed,and will ultimately find a market. The most
imporrtant thing is to go out there, keep shooting, and then upload your
photos to the DT website. In time you will see results. I have been with DT
for four years and now have 6,008 images on line and I make sales almost
every single day but it did not happen immediately. Just keep at it, have
confidence in yourself, and before you know it you will enjoy the benefits
of being a DT photographer.

Very Kindest Regards and much good luck,


November 26, 2013


Like Lenutaidi, I think you have a beautiful portfolio...
Your comments - above - also seem to suggest you have a very good attitude... I have not doubt things would improve for you - over time...

Keep shotting!

November 26, 2013


300+ sales?....thats not bad at all......look at my stats...and you will feel better.....coz iam way behind you....

November 26, 2013


Don't give up! You have a beautiful portfolio! Continue to shooting! Try to take pictures with different themes and subjects and try a review of keywords. Good luck!

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