Upload number 150 and first $100 in same day

I see a number of people have achieved milestones today with 100 and 150 uploads. Today is my 150th upload and I have now also achieved made first $100. Good going and congratulations to the other Dreamstimers reaching their milestones.

What are your next milestones? Mine is to get to 500 with hopefully the majority being South African birds, mammals and landscapes. Hopefully with a few sales inbetween to help contribute towards the cost of these huge lenses. :-).

Photo credits: Neal Cooper.

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March 23, 2010


Fantastic - Congratulations.

February 09, 2010


Keep it up and keep them coming, congrats.

February 09, 2010



February 09, 2010


Very good! Congratulations!   Smiling Barack Obama in a cartoon version   

February 09, 2010


Congratulations! Now you see the advantage of the 2 cents that DT give for keywording program :))
Good luck for your next milestone. Cheers ;)

February 09, 2010


Just had 3 more pics approved, so am now $100.59. Wooohoo :-)

February 09, 2010


well...congrats, too :) hope you'll make that Cent today so you reach 2 milestones on one day

February 09, 2010


You're doing really well! I make my milestones as I go along, whatever is worth noticing is a new milestone!

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