Upload instead of willing to sell at any cost...

Hi guys, here I am again.

Browsing the Blogs, I found many many contributors willing to sell almost one or two images at any cost, as if this site is aimed "only" to sell whatever you post on uploading... Bad point of view... Here's mine...

I started my subscription as a contributor years ago but kept uploading regularly only a few months ago.

Turtle in captivity

My main purpose was to have the satisfaction of being evaluated by experts and have the chance to know if my photographic work was sufficient enough in terms of quality.

This the main purpose...

Selling pictures is the less convenient job for a photographer, it's actually NOT a job, but a timespending way of sharing...

Concept of Silence

If your only aim is to sell, well, microstock is NOT actually the faster way of making money. Instead of pretending to sell just because your picture is on the site, take this acceptance as a chance to be recognized as a person doing good photographs. Upload ONLY YOUR BEST and be selective on your stock.

In my main occupation, I am forced to do always my best for being considered "good", "sufficient enough" by others. And my main occupation is not being a photographer. Then, if someone needs my pictures for his own job, here they are. Here it is my BEST photos, for your delight and purposes...

THIS should be the right way of facing stock photography: trying to upload the maximum of the best photos we can produce and forget about them... one day, someone will find them and need them.

Coffee and cigarettes

So, relax, take a coffee, smoke a cigarette and keep shooting and uploading. Don't pretend.

Have a nice shooting time and enjoy!

Photo credits: Debora Teresa Gattuso.

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An insightful viewpoint. Well done.
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Think photos, Think Dream time
Kanye west champion


Hmm, not sure if I have the patience to upload hundreds of photos and not be able to sell any at the prices posted .45c a piece. A little too little for the time it really takes to compose really good photos and get invested in them emotionally. Maybe it's just me.


I reported spam too David, but it won't disappear from here


This Alice Belanger 0101 offering loans here should be removed in my view............................ she could be using information for identity theft.................. let me know please what happens. David.


So is it a job or not a job? For me it is not a job. I would starve if this would be my job. On the other hand I do care a lot of what is happening here. And I want to make money.

To be honest the reason why I want to make money here is not the value of that money as buying power. It is more as a recognition that me as an artist (if you'll allow me to call myself an artist) produced something of value, that other people, professional graphic designers consider having a value and willing to spend money for it.

This is my position. It makes me do the extra effort of cleaning up a photo, remove the brands etc. If I would upload to Flicker I would not take the trouble. To get accepted is a challenge and I like the challenge.


nice picture :)


I cannot stand waiting for someone buying my pictures at every cost. 14,091,352 users at this moment and billions of pictures. Agencies accept and give you a chance, not a certainty your pictures will surely be sold. Neither when... so if that is your job my wish is you have more luck than other contributors to make a large amount of money. For me, and maybe only for me, it's a "possibility" of making small money from my passion... not a real job.


I disagree with almost everything you wrote. Or maybe I did not realize your arguments or points of view.
First, for some people selling images on Databases are one way to make money so for those people DT is a kind of a job.
Second, if selling photos is not your main goal but show your portfolio, there are other online possibilities.
In my point of view an IMAGE DATABASE like DT aims to SELL IMAGES. Therefore selling them is the main goal.
That's why I think you're the one who's wrong...


Yeah have a smoke! too many nannies out there want to control your life.

I disagree on the "it's actually NOT a job" it is for me and part of how I make my living


Cigarette is bad. Smoke can damage your health…


There are many more efficient ways to grow as a photographer than microstock. Microstock is to sell, not to show, to learn, network or become an artist. Again, there are better places to do all that.


Nice point of view. Microstock is also a good vehicle to grow as a photographer. It is certainly not an efficient vehicle to make money. For me, it is about having fun with my camera and occasionally being recognized for it by some downloads. Recently, I found my pictures published in a travel guide book. This was a great feeling.


Nice work...


Nice Work Deb !


An insightful viewpoint. Well done.


Yes, exactly! Definitely a way of learning... refusal reasons are well explained and help you improve.


Thats a good approach. Dreamstime improves my photos, makes me think when I take photos. I am improving my photography skills. It makes me happy when someone uses my photo. Have fun.

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