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Today's the final countdown for the US presidential elections. The big question is about to get an answer some time soon and you'll have the occasion to celebrate or to get sad, in either case everybody will feel somehow relieved. As a funny fact, small towns of Dixville Notch and Hart's Location in New Hampshire have already opened their polling stations in order to mantain their first-vote status: Obama and Romney earned 5 votes each in Dixville Notch and Obama 23 votes to Romney's 9 in Hart's Location in less than 10 minutes.

We looked through our editorial database and found some really good images related to the current presidential campaign and we'd like to share them with you :

This (on the left) is a conceptual image with the political parties' mascots facing each other in anger. The background is an American flag with a burst of stars which begins from the frowning faces in the middle and spreads to the sides, adding a dynamic look to the image. The faces are focused, almost touching, the tension in this image will make any viewer take part or sides in this battle. Color contrast resulted by combining two complementary colors (red vs blue) is an addition to the tension of the situation. Still you do not have a clue about who's going to win.

On the right here is a great portrait of Mitt Romney during his campaign. The expression is focused and rather idyllic, with the political leader looking into distance and metaphorically showing there is a way to the audience or viewers with his hands. Body language and gestures are crucial - one should consider this as an important general tip when taking a portrait. Color contrast is present also here, the subject being colored in warm tones in contrast to the cold (blue) sky background.

Barack Obama is portrayed in the same manner as his opponent, showing again how important body language and the right pose are for a presidential election picture with impact.

Politics affect everybody and electoral campaigns are usually a reason to unleash strong feelings among citizens. Positive or negative, we all feel the fever of the campaign, we are either someone's fan or enemy (at least in ideological terms). Framed by other two persons, this guy/woman from this image definitely stands out as a big fan of the presidential candidate, being covered with a large blanket printed with a collage of images with Obama.

Meeting with so many people that put strong feelings into this campaign and politics in general, one candidate might find himself in front of an ill intended person, therefore protection measures have to be taken. The central element of this image is Mitt Romney getting out of his campaign bus while framed by many secret service bodyguards standing around the bus and their eye directions covering multiple areas like an imaginary laser triggered alarm.

Rallies through thousands of cities and meeting people in person is the best way to convince them you are worthy of their vote. So each candidate has to travel many places across the country in order to meet and convince as many people as possible. We have plenty such images, from funny fans to crowd portraits of candidates either meeting and saluting people and talking to them as well as artists performing during campaign shows.

Everybody should make good use of their vote. Therefore learning how to actually vote is an important thing you should do. Here's an image of a woman teaching young people about the voting procedures in a polling place.

In the end, you should know that your vote counts and try to make a decision of your own about who are you going to vote for. This image will just illustrate this autonomy of the voting decision. Here are four individuals clearly separated by each other and focused on their own voting business at a polling place.

We already started a debate page some time ago, so feel free to check it out and post your opinions there

Photo credits: Maria Dryfhout, Joe Sohm, Bdingman, Christos Georghiou, Misty Pfeil.

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November 08, 2012


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