For USA Copyright Holders-Orphan Works Bill

Orphan Works Bill...

Call your Senators and Congress person to ask them to vote no on both the House of

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Representatives bill and the Senate bill. Both bills are way too broad and seriously limit an artist's right to protect their own work. Even the House bill, which is being touted as the better bill, puts the onus on the artist to register their images twice, with the Copyright Office and with a newly developed Orphan Works registry, in order to not be considered an Orphan or "abandoned" Work.

You can use the follow web sites to get information to contact you appropriate representative.

(easy to use template letters automatically sends to your representatives)

For more information on the issue please go to:

(Reasoning against the Orphan Works bill.)

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May 22, 2008


For more information you can read what APA (Advertising Photographers of America) has to say regarding this legislation and the problems it will create for copyright holders:

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