Use a cooling off period for better submissions

When I come back from a photography trip, I have several hundred images to review, crop, edit, keyword, etc. The task is daunting! I usually work my way through them slowly and try to be objective. I ask myself over and over, "Do they contribute significantly to the DT portfolio?"

Surprisingly, I've found that having a cooling off period helps me be more objective and less attached to my initial perceptions. A delay in uploading or submitting has the added benefit of helping me cull down the bulk of a large image set. The finished images submitted are sharper, more creative, and less redundant overall.

Plus, it often allows me to categorize the images into useful collections. For example, I just created a new collection called Artful Eyes.

Eye of the storm

Steampunk mechanical octopus with glowing eyes

I'm interested in abstract eye images and added additional eye images (that fit my collection description) from other DT folks. It was super fun identifying how other contributors interpret and capture eyes. Remember, for a collection to be public, you must have at least 5 users.

I created another collection following a vacation to Scotland called Celtic stone crosses.

Carved network Celtic cross - Scotland

When submitting, I remembered how fascinated I was with all the styles and different stone materials of modern and ancient Celtic crosses. I thought it would be helpful to buyers to gather them in one place.

Celtic cross with woven spheres - Scotland

Pink granite knotted Celtic cross - Scotland

So next time you are submitting a few images or many, try giving them a cooling off period. It works for me!

Good luck!Linda (Williamsphere)

Photo credits: Linda Williams.

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September 09, 2020


Agreed, but I may take the cooling off period to far. I am still uploading photos from a trip to Romania and Bulgaria 14 months ago.

September 08, 2020


Thank you! I love that we can learn from each other on DT. 

September 07, 2020


Very valuable suggestion, thank you for sharing.

August 21, 2020


Very good advice! I have also learned to not hit "publish" right away on blogs. Wait a day or so and look over it again. You always find a place to edit. 

August 15, 2020


thanks for this precious advice!

August 12, 2020


very nice pic

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