Use of graduated neutral density filters on Canon 16-35 mm lens

I want to buy a graduated neutral density filter to use on my Canon 16-35 mm f 2.8 lens for landscape and water scape shots. The Lee and Singh Ray ND filters was recommended to me, but it is so expensive that I am wondering if it is really worth it. I shall appreciate any help from you guys who are using ND filters on wide angle lenses.



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I have wanted to try those, too, but the price has held me off so far. NICE images in your port BTW! I love your Old Fisherman. So THAT's how you lost your cameras.


For graduated i use Cokin too . But you have to buy good glasses for it. What is that mean - resolution of the glass is most important. If you don't want to invest a lot money for it , just don't buy anything and use software for that purpose. I recommend Lightroom, graduated function is very good and is working in RAW.


For my travel and personal shots I use a Cokin system and love the gradient option, they are not that expensive so you may want to look into the Cokin series as an option


I would recommend you Hoya ND filter (and all Hoya filters).
By the way, how did you post a blog without any photo on it? I knew there's something missing here :)

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