Used Canon 6D

I was poking around on They have used 6D's at a significant discount. There is more information at

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They are advertised as like new and it is hard to see how they could have much use on them. I know some people have been anxious to get their hands on one and these are about $800 cheaper than new, so figured I would pass the info on.

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November 08, 2012


Hmmmm....not sure. The link from my FB page should be working, I tested it earlier. This is from a five star seller in Amazon. They list their email as for any questions.

The ad is for 6d. I even added it to my cart to check because I found it hard to believe. I am saving for a 5d though, not really looking for this model. If you do email and get an answer, would you mind reporting back?

November 08, 2012


The Amazon link doesn't seem to work. Also, 6D has not been released yet and how can there be used units? Or you meant 60D?

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