Useful Photoshop shortcuts Part 2 ( Tools)

© Patf37

Path / Direct Selection Tool -----------------------------A

Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool----------------B

Crop Tool -------------------------------------------------C

Default Colors --------------------------------------------D

Eraser Tool -----------------------------------------------E

Cycle Screen Modes------------------------------------- F

Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool ---------------------------G

Hand Tool -----------------------------------------------H

Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure Tool----------------- I

Spot Healing / Healing / Patch / Red Eye------------- J

Slice Tool------------------------------------------------ K

Lasso Tool -----------------------------------------------L

Marquee Tool -------------------------------------------M

Notes / Audio Annotation Tool -------------------------N

Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tool ---------------------------O

Pen / Freeform Pen Tool -------------------------------P

Standard / Quick Mask Mode --------------------------Q

Blur / Sharpen / Smudge Tool -------------------------R

Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool ----------------------------S

Type Tool (Vertical / Horizontal) ----------------------T

Shape Tool ----------------------------------------------U

Move Tool -----------------------------------------------V

Magic Wand Tool ---------------------------------------W

Switch Colors --------------------------------------------X

History / Art History Brush Tool ------------------------Y

Zoom Tool ----------------------------------------------Z

Hand Tool (toggle) -----------------------------------Space

Zoom In (toggle) -------------------------------------Ctrl+Space

Zoom Out (toggle) ------------------------------------Alt+Space

Cycle Eraser Tools -------------------------------------Shift+E

Toggle Gradient / Paint Bucket Tools-----------------Shift+G

Cycle Lasso Tools --------------------------------------Shift+L

Photo credits: Wieslaw Fila.

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October 17, 2007


Thanks for the quick reference list. I printed it out and taped it on my cabinet.
I love shortcuts and have not used all of these.

October 17, 2007


thnx for this

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