The useless Primadona

As it happens among birds, in most cases the males look simply much more spectacular than the females which has an easy explanation. Males (not only among birds..) often pass their time, specially before the reproductive season, dedicated to an exhibition of their beauty in feathers and colours and also of a capacity of ridiculous behaviour which exceeds by far other animal groups.

Female birds have more important and useful things to do like choosing the less useless male among others, laying eggs and rearing their offspring with or without the help of their feathered primadona-husbands. They don't need to boast or to exhibit themselves, they have a serious job to do.

Zanzibar red Bishop with open wings

I can't show any image of a female Zanzibar Red Bishop but believe me, I have seen them and they are just plain grey and brown, camouflage colours, while covering your eggs you don't want to call the attention of any neighbour with who knows which bad intentions..

Talking about nests, the Zanzibar Red Bishop belongs to the Weaver family and if there's something they are good in that is building their woven, hanging nests, designed to protect from predators and even climbing snakes.

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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March 04, 2016


Very interesting and informative. It made me smile :) Thanks for sharing and great shots!

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