Username Significance

Does your username on Dreamstime have a special meaning or significance to you?

Mine does. I guess you could say "eclecticelegance" is my motto or goal in photography. I want to be eclectic - to have a diverse, varied portfolio, and I want all my photos to have a certain elegance to them.

I know I'm not there yet - but I plan on being a life-long learner, and I keep striving for it.

Does your Dreamstime username have a special meaning or story behind it?

(The illustration I used above was not mine, but the photo below is one of my favorite photos on Dreamstime).

Photo credits: Andrey Frolov, Eclecticelegance.

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Mine user name is business and personal, The user name carries a message that I'm creative, hence CREATIVE I, early days it was creative eye, then I later changed it I.

And my site FLAHZA its the first letter of all my six brother, mom and dad and sister in law. Now we have new addition to our family like my wife but unable to include her first letter.


Thank you all for your responses! They were all interesting!

And it's fine to tell the story behind your business name, too - those can also fit the theme of this article!

Anyone else?


what a wonderful motto, congrats.
i would lie and say that mine is as creatively inspired as yours, but i won't.
my username is actual the combination of my surname, a special date in history, and the first two letters of my christian names and the first letters to my nickname and surname (once again).
rather boring , i must admit, (yawn) lol !


My Dad used to be called Mac so as a little girl I was supposed to 'look like him' (if it is possible for a little girl to look like a man in his 40's) so hince the nick name Little Mac. He used to call me knucklehead too... but that one didn't stick!


The name Mildegard comes from one of my fantasy stories about the girl who were given man's name to mark her unusual destiny. She grew up as a warrior and a poet.
I like that username most of all, I think, it attracts Muse :)


Mine started about a year ago. I was getting some feedback from friends for a name and told them I wanted to take photos of people living their lives. Hence ... Living Life Photography.

Well, read, Carolyn! LOL! It's not my username here, but it it my business name here.

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