Using friend's imagination

Many people in the world have imagination so bright that it's a pity they're not artists. Pictures born in their mind sure could have been amazing when drawn. So, sometimes, when Muse of yours has a long vacation, why not using their ideas?

"I want a picture of Mystirius" - "Who's that?" - "He's a mage. I see him like that: a man sits in a ruined tavern, his elbow on the table, face and hands are not seen, he has a hood. And - the staff - this is important that he has an outstanding mage staff" - "What would it be?" - "Hmmm... I suppose it should be a dragon... Yes! A dragon biting phoenix before it has a rebirth. Really evil staff it must be"

Such a dialog we had with a friend over a year ago. He wanted to see this fantasy of his mind drawn in black&white tone. And was really happy to see the picture I made.

It was my first order, though i made it for free, just to make my friend happy. But it made me think of many things...

The imagination of some persons that can't draw themselves is far beyond me. It's a miracle. And sometimes I use it to make my own pictures.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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November 29, 2008


It's a photographed pencil drawing. I had no scanner a year ago. So I took photo of the image and added some contrast in Photoshop lest shadows look too pale

November 29, 2008


Wow, beautiful! Is this a photo or a scan after the drawing? Or digital drawing? I can figure it out. :-)

Anyway looks wonderful!

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