using a tarantula as a model

i had an unusual film shoot last week with a bull snake and a tarantula. I was shooting for a stock footage site, and thought id pick up a few stills for dreamstime as well. My friend Chad, pictured here, had Rosie the rose haired tarantula as a pet.

Its s little strange directing a tarantula and im glad a had a handler..Lets try that again was my most common direction.. does anyone else out there have any experience shooting exotic pets or animals? any tips?

Photo credits: Tara Golden.

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yes, you are absolutely right....... the respect for the animal is the most important thing.
I have no experience with big wild animals and I think, it is a great challenge to take interesting shoots. In my case my tarantulas are living in really big terrariums and I have time to take the light as I need It for a nice shoot...... and then I have to wait, wait, wait...... and so some really interesting shoot can be done without any trouble for the animals.


I once had a snake on set for a business shoot along with about a dozen or so human models. The snake did just what we wanted while the others....not so much! It was uncanny how the animal seemed to sense what we wanted. On another shoot at a Hollywood Animal Actors ranch, we photographed all manner of animals from elephants on down. We were alone in a small barn with each animal and a couple of trainers. The only thing separating us from the lions etc was a thin wire. The deal was that the animals had been trained on a similar looking electric wire. All went well until they brought in a panther. I felt fear as soon as he approached the barn. He was mean and not well trained. We only took a few shots and let him go back to his area. On my blog on Sport Photography, there is a link to a video of a shoot with a lion that went terribly bad. look it up to see why we should never forget that wild animals are deserving of great respect on the set.


Very fine and smooth shooting.


I think, spiders are one the most missunderstood species..... when you watch them .... you will be fascinated. For example, when a female spider is building her cocon and she's defending it against everything. But.... I would never put one of my spiders in my face and in my hand I take only some of them.... some of them are a little bit too nervous


A pet??? OMG!!! Congrats to your friend, and to you, too! I wouldn't dare to take a picture like that!!!


I love spiders and exspecially tarantulas and bird eating spiders. I have 20 of them and they are very interesting animals and most of them are not aggressiv and they are very patient models for interesting photo shootings. I have a little collection of them here on Dreamstime


Old enough to remember the song ... I don't like spiders and snakes? OMG! On his FACE!

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