Using Technology And Social Media To Help Improve Your Photography

In today's society, social media has become king of communication. Those who want that golden information have to be able to connect, sift, and figure out what all the information means. It's a difficult job and can be quite time consuming when you are starting out as a social media newbie.


Recently I started my own company teaching online, but also want to foray into other ways of helping others as well which is why I'm offering free photography meet-up sessions through webinars.

Reading blogs is good, but being able to talk to someone and show them online what you mean has proven to be more effective for many reasons. Not only that, but the connection with other photographers is also very important. I certainly enjoy the Dreamstime community because it is so supportive and helpful for everyone of all levels.

I'll be running my first one on Sunday night at 9 PM MST and it's free to attend. Click on the link, sign up, and get ready to discuss photography in general and photo marketing.

More events are being planned including how to use Pintrest to promote yourself and create shoots, using Twitter to find photographers, and my favourite (and my life), travel photography.

I look forward to meeting those that can attend. : )


Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.

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April 20, 2013


Indeed there will be more sessions, also looking at running ones for different time zones as everyone is from everywhere here: )

April 20, 2013


Unfortunately too late for me on a work night, but if I can sign up for future sessions, that would be great.

April 19, 2013


Hi Martin, I will be having other ones as well so stay tuned! We are trying to make things as accessible as possible for everyone. if you have a phone or an ipod/pad with internet connection you can join in as well : )

April 19, 2013


good idea - wish you that it is going to be successful and heaps of fun - was thinking to join but I'm travelling :)

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