Using your phone for Stock Photography

One of the greatest things about the modern day is the ability to quickly capture any moment within an instant, with the fantastic little camera that most of us have within our pockets at all times, our phones.

Dreamstime very quickly realised that there was a market here and sought to give us our very own app, which I have utilised and I am seeing a great acceptance rate on my photographs taken on my mobile phone.

Here are some examples of photos taken on my phone and accepted to Dreamstime!

The Stables, Shugborough Hall

Silhouette of a tree

Sunset over Bottle Kilns

The Log Flume, Alton Towers


Sheep & Lambs in the field

Electricity Pylon

As you can see some of them are quite boring, but some of them have sales already! Which is the aim of the game here!

One of the things I always here the top contributors saying is that the way to increase your sales is to increase your uploads, which for a lot of us not doing this full time is difficult.

So this, for me is perfect, as I have set myself a target now of taking and uploading at least one photograph everyday!

I hope this post inspires you and encourages more people to use their phone and app more!

Photo credits: Jenna Goodwin.

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Beautiful captures..!!


wow .. inconceivable make microstock photos from mobilephone. but don't you think the quality is preferred over quantity to increase your sales? ;)


Thank you for sharing your photos for our encouragement and inspiration. I joined Dreamstime in 2011, but for some reasons, I hadn't thought of uploading photos back then. It was only in Dec 2014 that I chanced upon Dreamstime app in the App Store on my iPhone and I discovered the opportunity to upload photos easily onto Dreamstime. I sometimes wish I had started contributing my photos earlier. Then again, I believe there is a time and season for everything, so it is all good.


Thank you very much!

I use a Samsung Note 3 and the quality is OK but the shutter speed is terrible! Can't get things in motion very well unless it's bright sun.

I think the iPhone 4 quality would be fine for here! It's less the quality and more the composition and saleability I think?


I wouldn't say your pictures are boring! The sunset over bottle kiln is absolutely beautiful.

Totally agree a great way to upload more photos, what phone do you have?

I still have an old iPhone 4 so picture quality is poor and I wouldn't consider uploading them so interested to know what your using?

Great pictures, well done :-)

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