It's pretty cold outside. I guess many of you who live on northern hemisphere started to miss last summer. Well, I would like to remind you how good it was. Lets take a look at some summer images... I hope you will like them :)

I would like to do this right now

Or maybe this

Or to be somewhere here...near this tree ;)

Or just to sit on the beach and to enjoy view like this

Or to be... with somebody... right here, on the top of the tower... in a hidden place :)

Oh, some of us just learned to swim

And some of us fell in love...

Oh..wouldn't you like to run away from all problems, to relax like this

To fill these empty places

To feel this on your feet..

I don't know for you, but I'd love to... :)

Photo credits: , Ruslan Gilmanshin, Crazy80frog, Ivan Paunovic, Nick Stubbs, Milos Jokic, Radovan.

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November 12, 2008


Florida.... mmmmm :)

November 12, 2008


fabulous photos, makes me wanna be in sun. heading to florida next week to soak it all up and make my white irish skin less white!!

November 12, 2008


Come to Tampa Florida and you can do this all year long. I went to the beach Yesterday and there are some wonderful soon to be pictures pending.

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