Valentine day

© Andart
Quite soon, less than 2 weeks, will happen the Valentine's day.

The lover's day.

I know that the question about the lover's day is pretty much catched by marketing, but I'm still thinking about that people who really express their own feeling to each other...

© Fmatte

Does the marketing question hide that point? Almost I think, but, maybe I will seem extremly naive, but I would like that no.

Some people are loving each other, despite commercial, despite wars, worries... And I think that deserves something...

So here is my point: how to celebrate lovers without falling in the cliche of the merchandising...and here are my sugestions

just have walk, and fun, and smile....

Just be happy, because love is everwhere....

Photo credits: Andrey Matyuk, Falko Matte, Sophie Martin.

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