Valentine day, messages of love!

The love is a luxury which today fews really grant themselves, we live in a commercial and materialistic world, a frenetic world where who stops is lost.

And yet every year there is a day in which that rare feeling it is almost famous in all the world, is on February 14.

© Leda_d
© Leda_d
Celebrates him who loves in the sun light as who is forced to loves in the shadow of the evening, who asks advice to the stars that day will ask it for love.

In that day revives also the hope, an impossible love will seem less far

and will be thousands the messages spent to gain it.

Hope that everyone will come, a romantic Valentine day!

© Ulisse


Photo credits: Arcadia_dreamstime, Desy Pistonami, Roberto Giovannini, Roberto Mansi, Ulisse.

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January 24, 2008


Thanks to everybody!

January 24, 2008


Wow ledaaaa!!!!! Beautiful work!!!!! ;)

January 24, 2008


Hi Leda! Your illustrations are so cute and funny!! Congrats! And thanks a lot for my one you've choosen. Bye, Rob.

January 24, 2008


I hope it too! Great work sweet Leda :*

January 24, 2008


I think you catched the essence of valentines day in a couple of different ways. Good job Leda!!

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