Valentine’s Day Design Ideas to Fall in Love With

If you are like me, you woke up the other day from a long winters nap just in time to find out that our favorite furry prognosticator, Punxatawny Phil, has predicted an early arrival of Spring. Which can only mean one thing, we are way behind on our Valentine’s Day design creations.

Cartoon vampire holding roses.

But just like the fact that it is never too late to shop for that most romantic of all holidays (hint, hint guys – red roses NEVER go out of style), it fortunately is also never too late to create, find and use some great Valentine’s Day creative assets.

Valentine’s Day design objects come in as many varieties as there are Valentine’s Day lovers. Which means as a creative designer, you are limited only by your own imagination. No matter if you prefer working with photos, illustrations, video footage, or any combination of design mediums – Valentine’s Day can provide the perfect inspiration.

Valentine greeting card design with illustration of realistic go

Greeting Cards

Holiday design deliverable can come in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps the most easily recognizable Valentine’s Day “product” is the almost ubiquitous Greeting Card. Creating stock images is all about representing concepts - so try focusing your creative design elements for the Greeting Card audience using the Universal Themes of Valentine’s Day– love, romance, and friendship.

Vector Valentine s day, Birthday or wedding seamless pattern with hearts and wings, basket with roses. Endless design on

Seamless repeating patterns

No gift is complete without pretty wrapping paper to dress it up, and there are many companies that can produce a custom role of paper for the individual consumer. Create repeating seamless patterns using the Universal Symbolism of the day– hearts, roses, lace, puppies – to provide convenience to the Romeo who wants his/her gift to stand out from the crowd.

Abstract be my valentine tshirt

Gift ideas

Another great use for Valentine themed imagery is to create unique products that can be offered as holiday gifts. Think frames, mugs, t-shirts and the like as the end use for your creative elements and then draw on your inner muse to build designs that will melt the heart of the recipient.

End Border Valentine Icons for mobile concept and web apps.

Marketing assets

The closer we are to the actual, holiday the better it is to concentrate on items that don’t require long lead-time. Web designers are always looking for last minute assets to use in online content. Try using the Universal Colors of the holiday - pink and red – in romantic themed banners, borders, frames and icons to be used online.

Think outside the Heart Shaped Box

Clichés become cliché because they are used over, and over, and over. Which generally means that the stock market is saturated with them. To set your designs apart from the herd – try thinking outside of the box.

Mix in unlikely themes with the Universal ones. Try using a Halloween characters – like a cute Vampire offering a bouquet of blood red roses. Or the less than “cute” smelly skunk offering his own unique bottle of eau de cologne.

Groundhog Day Spring prediction illustration

Nothing will help you stand out more than using the concept of opposites. Creatively juxtaposition subjects in a scene can create powerful concepts. Think love and hate – cats and dogs - oil and water -Republican and Democrat, and the like to create one of a kind concepts for true love.

If Orange is the new Black then why can’t black be the new red? Using color palettes outside of pink and red can create unique designs that stand apart – and sell.

So whether you want to rush out some last minute creative just in time for the upcoming event – or are going to use this time to be proactive and start creating for next year – try some of these design ideas and fall in love with Valentine’s Day all over again.

Photo credits: Allies Interactive Services Private Limited, Karen Foley, Kenneth Benner, Lina Kadrova, Pathakdesigner, Tarun Bhatia.

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