Vector files

I have recently discovered Inkscape and have been playing with it, so far I like it.

What I am learning:

1. I use Inkscape it’s easy to use and free!!

(Starving student here)

2. Use Layers! I break down a drawing into areas and assign several layers to each. For example: For a hat I’ll have 2 or 3 layers: 1 hat background layer, 1 hat detail layer, 1 hat shading layer. That way if I don’t like the color or placement of the hat details (lets say flowers) I can move them around without disturbing the hat background.

3. When uploading to DT: 1st JPEG image then, upload EPS (thanks Robert) (or other vector file) image in the area.

NOTE: Wait until JPEG image is in the pending files (Thank you Maen) to upload vector file

4. Not sure how long a vector file takes to be approved (mine haven't yet). So, be patient.

Photo credits: Rocio Veltman.

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October 15, 2009


"SVG is not accepted as additional format."

Thanks for your comment Robert (that explains why I haven't gotten an approval on the svg files I've uploaded. :-}

Thank you Maen for the correction. Pending files is definitely the right place. :-)

Fotomagique, I appreciate your words of encouragement! Using Inkscape will allow me to develop all the ideas that are floating in my head. Thank you

I will be saving my file as an EPS file and uploading. :-)

October 15, 2009


You must develop this ideas!
Good start, congrats!

October 15, 2009


I also use Inkscape and I love it!
Just a consideration: SVG is not accepted as additional format. If you want to upload the EPS file, you can use Gimp (free :-) ), opening the SVG with it and saving it as PNG and then JPG. You can't use blurs or transparency (you can't export them), but it works.
Good job!
Bye, Rob.

October 15, 2009


Good idea! but I don't advise you to wait for the unfinished files wait for the pending ones :))
Cheers ;)

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