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At the people flowers personify beauty, gladness and perfection of the nature in many millenia. They give to everyone, in independence of that the prince you or the poor, that fine world, getting in which feel yourself happy and favourite. Therefore people always tried to decorate with these surprising gifts of the nature not only celebratory days and gala days of the life, but also everyday life which, as is known at people much more even more full to feel pleasure of short-term life on the sinful Earth.

Similar that the mother-nature has tried and has presented us with these wonderful creations which it is a lot of millenia successively introduce during our life beauty, pleasure, giving to us good mood and emotional health at any time year.

According to scientists on the Earth is more than 270 000 varieties of colours.

And each flower is in own way beautiful and unusual and bears in itself that part of pleasure which in it was put by the nature to do our life more beautifully and little bit more happily.

Flowers associate with a heat, the sun, in the spring and pleasure at all nations of the world. And thus not important the winter or the summer or the autumn or the spring in the street . Flowers always remain symbols of good mood and a wonderful season - spring and summer.

Each flower is shrouded by the illusive and mysterious aura that magic mood with which it presents all people without an exception whether it be the man or the woman, the small child or the elderly person.

Photo credits: Indos82.

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