Vector vs Pixel

hey all,

witchone is the best "Vector vs Pixel"? Thats what a friend of mine asked. before i gave my answer i wanted to know what he was thinking.

Hes answer was vector cause vector is new and has more possbilities.

My opinion is that vector might be handy but in de end you wil always be seeing pixels.

I say vector and pixels win :P

Photo credits: Ijansempoi.

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October 25, 2007


Vector and pixel are actually 2 different things. Programs like Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw to name a few save there images in Encapsulated Postscript formats known as Vector Art.
Each element is a mathematical equation that specifically maps out each shape, color and position. Vector images can be enlarged from a very small size to as large as a billboard without any loss of quality. Pixels on the other hand are the small dots that make up a photograph or picture in a psd, tiff, jpep or other image format. When you try to increase the size of this type of image, the quality decrease because the space between each pixel has to be interploted and gets very, very pixelized. You can actually see the blocks that make up the image. It is like the screen in a printed photograph in the newspaper that you look at with a magnifying glass. Hope this might help.

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